@societebrewing Societe is smattering in that farmhouse game. Musky and complex like the Lost and found bin at Charlotte Russe


Whenever a brewery serves up their first saison, it’s usually some boring mid 90s affair with a Westmalle strain or some reverse engineered golden strain because, WHO CAN EVEN TELL RIGHT? Instead of boring banana and clove NyQuil coma fest, this comes out the gates swinging like Mayweather, except this beer is better at reading.

You get the characteristic ultra clean profile and dialed in water profile/ mouthfeel from the other Societe offerings and that hardastwobloods gypsum water. But more importantly you get 4realz depth to the nose that just exudes Anjou pear, jazz apple, lemongrass and jamba juice foyer. The taste is more clean and faint citrus in execution and favors a chewy grist to an acid bomb like some American saison purveyors these days coughSideprojecough. If a sessionable farmhouse was the aim, this delivers hard and abv masks better than a size 18 internet catfish.

It forgoes the ultra hoppy and dry profile of society’s IPA offerings and instead opts for more casual strolls at the roller rink, nothing too overtly demonstrative, but you can still get abducted pretty easily.


What the fuck are some of these other breweries doing with their farmhouse programs?

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