Jester King biere de Miel, kick that farmhouse beehive and get yourself a smackerel


Jester King biere de Miel, it’s like Anna with matte black door handles and cloth interior. Still a floral tasty treat with a touch of honey nut that will test your tummy. It has a light lemony acidity that works well with the splishy mouthfeel and subtle sweetness to the swallow that lingers like huffing bath and body works off of a college sophomore. Wait wut

The wheat grist has a pleasant Brett meets lactic, HF space docking with Cascade while Prairie runs the Alexa rd pulling close ups. You know the type of smut, naked unprotected farmhouse romps that are over way too quick because you bring that 750ml to a lemony full completion. You get some nice tropical starburst as it warms and the musk increase congruently. you could pop this with that hair dresser you secretly want to smooch but you are too much of a beta pussy to do so. Rely on this beer instead of your Gundam personality.


Every one in Austin just gets ratchet, stroking pecs and squeezing saison tatties.

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