@thebruery Sour in the rye pineapple coconut and Sour in the Rye Mai tai for all the stay at home dads.


The SitR pineapple coconut takes the old tropical model to levels only a Samoan eating jolly ranchers could imagine. You get a lightly oily mouthfeel that burns off instantly with the acidity and fantastic pineapple loads that you willingly take to the face. It is unshockingly a welcome variant on an already established pedigree that satisfied beyond the acidity of some other iterations and provides a level of refreshment not attendant to the ph3 forward entries in the canon.

The Mai tai is very much the same albeit more JUICY JUICY in presentation. I like it more simply because it is unabashedly the most poised and pristine poolside ale this side of crushable Live Oak hef. Not exceedingly acidic and leans a touch more to the sweeter profile, but not cloying and finishes thin and tart.


If they release these on bottles I will be like-

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