Allagash got me poppin a musky Tiarna right now, small format :(


Of all the exceptional Allagash offerings, this would be the midline Yoshi of the AmericanLambiKart world. It isn’t as musky and couple as the cool ships it isn’t as tart as FV13, it doesn’t have that stellar red wine vinegar meets butryic acid profile of Vagabond: it is just crushable and delicious.

Somewhere between the acidic Beat and gentle Sanctification is this highly drinkable delicious treat. You get a touch of dough, lemon grass, some peach musk, ratcheted back acidity and this soapy carbonation like a Church car wash and- seriously how are they allowed to wear that it’s for a church.

This may not be “worth” the price point given the fact that you will decimate it within minutes, but isn’t that what nuanced execution is about? That American wild ale that provides a release so subtle you don’t even realize it until you are cleaning your browser history and trying to google how to get precum off of suede? That’s what beer is about.


Posting hard on that Subbydoo life

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