1997 Fantome Sante, 17 is the legal age of consent for a ghost


Going way back for this one, saison ancestral ghosts. The cap looked haggard but the cork was in surprisingly good shape and ejected fairly easily with a pop and foamy gush, letting the late nineties genie out of its green glass prison.

The carb was still spot on and produced nice rings of lacing and webbing. I peppered my angus for an oxidized overload but the nose was pleasant, a musky funky cobweb mixed with lemon pith, tangerines, and a Granny Smith apple character. The oxidation was present on the mouthfeel but not to the degree I was fearing. This is essentially an ultra musky pissenlit with surprisingly bright Fuji Apple, biscuit and honey, old comic books, bike seat in the rain and a dry cheesy finish like cave aged cheese.

This is a complicated affair well worth the price of entry if for no other reason that it is extremely difficult to approximate the flavors of sheer time pumped into the veins of this farmhouse banger.

Covered my jorts in protoplasm


Them 2013 Mexican cake tier tickers finna see this and WAT so hard

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