@hillfarmstead An incredible Blaugies job by way of Vermont. Sarrasin slays.


This beer is the closest approximation to Ann’s perfect Carbonation. If nothing else this gentle crackle of those microbead Dove bubbles just send wafts of apricot and peach rings, French oak, peach jolly ranchers, and Riesling grapes. I came into this with Vermontoise expectations and holy fuck this is way, way beyond that. This is better than E and just a step below art and Ann. Intensely drinkable, huge citrus flavor profile and wait for this: AN AMERICAN SAISON THAT ISNT JUST LACTIC SINGLE CULTURE ACIDITY. There is legit musk and leather like a Jansport left in the rain.

There is a lime finish that is dry and lingers like vintage Mid 2000s Printemps. It is absolutely phenomenal and without a direct analog of recent memory. This synthesis of Belgian musk and complexity with the brightness of American execution is what Vermontoise should have been, a flawless dance across the Atlantic.

As a final note, the unfermentable tannins from the buckwheat contributes a protein creaminess with that soapy carb that slays. If you blended saison d’erpeteau with art, you would have an inferior version of this excellent farmhouse ale.

I shouldn’t have to write you a narrative to summarize the foregoing. Do what you know you need to do. Don’t miss this shit. If you do I will ravage all that come across my grasp.

Also don’t tell anyone about this. Pls. Srs.


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