@santeadairius Ooooh Nonna. Look what you done started. Oooh Nonna Saisons be so naughty. Oh Non na na.


First and foremost : this is a good saison. That being said it is not the GREAT level you walk into with literally every single one of the SARA bottles. It is like the BMW 1 series, you appreciate it’s place in the lineup but it seems insubstantial when place next to a beast like cellarman or the exotic cask 200.

The carb is minimal and takes some serious bean flicking to excite, even then it is more of a lackluster sigh of bubbles and then it is done, $150 spent, browser history cleared. The olfactory profile is interesting but stripped down. This feels like a petit version of the more aggro SARA offerings. You get apricot nectarine and some peach rings with a touch of acidity and lightly minerally closer. It almost smells more in the realm of beatification over and above a straight up saison.

The taste is Granny Smith apple, tart grapefruit, thin bodies and citrus with very little lingering aspects. The funk is gentle and the whole affair reminds me of CD5 and those wild ale line steppers where you appreciate the acidity but long for more complexity.

This beer is intensely drinkable and approachable to all but just doesn’t flex as hard or move as many birds in the hood. Absolutely seek it out, but approach it knowing the proud mantle and lineage it seeks to assume.

Smashed that 750ml with no regrets, mouth kissing strippers, overwriting Chrono Trigger save files.

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