@thebruery My porter is infected and the whip got the sickness


But in all seriousness, I tried both deviants yesterday and they were both really good. Being “the biggest Bruery apologist” I don’t see you taking my opinion for shit but there was zero indications of infection on taste or olfactory fronts. D’ Rue was a spicy complex beer with notes of caramel, nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon and a deep chocolate roast to it. While less complex I enjoyed D’Floyd more, distinctively porter in the mouthfeel it imparted a roasty chocolate malt goodness with a pronounced barrel character of vanilla and coconut.

Whether these will still be good when Midwest dipshits with lazy trustees finally get them is anyone’s guess. They are fantastic now, drink them bitches. If you are super paranoid bottle pasteurize then at home by dropping the bottles into 190 degree water. You will lose the labels but at least you won’t be such a beta bitch all afraid of lacto.

Lamborghini Mercy, tickers be so thirsty.

Update for clarity: I enjoyed d Floyd more than d rue. Neither were infected but the spices were mildly distracting. Some might enjoy this more, I did not. Neither were god tier porters however neither were inherently flawed and I could finish a 750ml of each with out difficulty.

3 thoughts on “@thebruery My porter is infected and the whip got the sickness

  1. I found the D’Rue bad and the D’Floyd tasty. Not bad due to infection, just not my thing. The spices were odd to me. Sadly I only had a Subaru…

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