@hillfarmstead E, mashing the fuck out.


My previous complaint was that this was top dry (b2) bit god damn it if that hasn’t been remedied. While still inferior to Ann and even Anna, this is a different take on the ba farmhouse catalog. Some will say that the galaxy dry hop adds that complexity to the barrel and I would agree but respectfully demur to the idea that this is in line with traditional farmhouse offerings. But stop fingering your cock, this is just plain delicious, let’s be honest.

The creamy mouthfeel is that same VT orange Julius you are anticipating but the ph and dry aspects have been tamed in favor of an oaky complexity, them French woods giving tickers American woods, nomsayin.

The acidic mandarin oranges have a yeasty back bone, it sublimates into a grapefruit and Riesling sweetness. The most noteworthy feature is the bitterness on the finish, taking it in the realm of a De Ranke xx with an identity crisis that works.

Sure it isn’t flora or Ann, but fuck you and your standards. This is still an exceptional saison well worth your consideration in between episodes of Burn Notice.

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