Upright barrel aged Seven with Brett. 168 bottle release mushing tips up on that top 50 saison swag.

Upright has been going in on every release lately.

Hot 16s, sick musky drop , bitter meets pithy citrus acidity. That complexity that rivals straight Wallonia offerings, not too tart, awesome Brett B and restrained wild profile that comes across like tangerines and muddled grapefruit flesh.

There is a reason this is on them top saison lists, not a bastardized AWA fronting with a heater. This is a lightly lactic hitter that has bodies on the piece. Creamy mouthfeel, not exceedingly dry, but not necessarily estery either.

Again, just a staggeringly good saison. This straddles the old and the new world and rubs it’s little eraser raw on the farmhouse bedpost.

It is good , like a 9th grade cyber sesh good. You print out the AIM logs and cum again later, that good.


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