@SanteAdarius Always in Life, the most ballerest, bone dry, Juiciest tripel I have ever had.

151 bottles. Sara cellar reserve members only. Bitch tickers disallowed. Invites withheld.

I groaned at the prospect of a rum barrel tripel. I had nightmares and ba 5 golden rings and curieux in my head, then this shit drops.

Intensely dry, light tartness and a molasses pineapple along the gum line. Fairly ester forward profile at mid range temps but presents a depth unparalleled by any other offering in the style . I would opine super saison but this is distinctly like a baller ass Westmalle with more complexity and a lactic profile that seems off style but zero fuxxxxx because it is essentially the best tripel I have ever had.

I lose credibility when I drop mad compliments on a brewery, homerism charges fly, all that shit; but this is fantastic. Call it bias or whatever the fuck. I will be here copping my dreeze.


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