Until @hillfarmstead makes a dortmunder


I will drink Short’s dortmunders out of HF growlers and dream.

This is like a pilsner meets rye spicy crackle and this weird off putting sticky honey finish. Waited so long to tick this style and, I don’t need to travel 5000 miles to find out I don’t like smoked lagers. I hate those douche nozzles who big league you saying “if you REALLY WANT TO LEARN BEER you have to travel travel go there do this I know I travel look at my photo book look at my untapped I travel I am seasoned, Michael Jackson is my hero”

If I fire up kayak and drop $3000 to go try dortmunders in a more legit fashion, they will probably be the same shit, then I am just a broke monolingual weak penis with a stick ass lager and zero fucks to give.

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