Schlafly No. 20, Volume 4. Southern Hemisphere IPA or SN20V4SHIPA for Short.

This is an anniversary IPA from those lunatics in the Lou, aka St. Louis in the M. O. This is maybe the second Schlafly beer that I have ever had and they have been creeping up and putting midwest numbers on my map. I have about 6 other Schlalfly beers in the cellar but hey, give my liver a break, haters.

Galaxy Hops and long acronyms. So dope.

SN20V4SHIPA – India Pale Ale, 7% abv

The name of this beer looks like a router code.

A: This beer looks fantastic just how an IPA should look, nice apple juice translucence and generous carbonation that whips up like lemon meringue and crackles away without prodigious ceremony. So far so good, and it is in a fancy 750ml bottle, so you know shit is about to get cracking.

when I first smelled this beer my face was all like this.

S: This beer “is kettle hopped and dry hopped with a unique hop from Tasmania, Galaxy.” If you haven’t tried this hop varietal yet, holy shit, it is second only to Citra as my favorite hop. It presents a nice herbal bouquet but a huge honeycomb and tangerine smell. If this beer was just smell and no palate, it would be a world class brew, the nose is seriously that good but I dont know how much of that should be credited to the galaxy hop.

T: Sadly the appearance and nose were the high note of this beer and the taste is not bad by any means but it went from two five stars to a 3.5 in the taste. It is still a great IPA but nothing like the A and S were getting me all half chub for. It would be like if Waka Flocka Flame jumped out the cut but then used Bahamen beats. You are stoked but then like ahhhh. Anyway, it has a mild honey and light juniper, some herbal aserose aspects, and then BOOM shit is over like the first Lord of the Rings movie and you’re all like “alright? I guess let’s just go back to my place.” She knew the popcorn had a false bottom.

After I tasted this beer, my hopes were dashed upon the rocks and I was all like-

M: No shocker here, the mouthfeel is crisp and light and imparts a frothy foam that washes away within 3 seconds and leave a mild pinecone flavor. I wish that Galaxy tasted as good as it smelled in this beer, and now the dead horse has been sufficiently beaten.

D: I have no idea what this costs but this is a fancy, damn good IPA. Assuming this is an $8.99 750ml, this could scrap with some bigger boys. I will list some single IPAs that this is far better than: Ranger, Torpedo, Golden Road, etc. It cannot touch the Sculpins, Blind Pigs, Hill Farmsteads of the world but it is still a great beer. HOW ELSE CAN I SAY THIS.

Regardless of the rampant comparisons, once you drink an entire 750ml of this, you president now.

Narrative: Jacob Michaelson woke up out of the coma in 2009. The world had changed so drastically since he was last conscious. Initially he sat up in his hospital bed and looked with strange deference to the thin laptop that looked nothing like the lap computers of 1995. He was equally dismayed to learn that not a single person ever listened to the Spin Doctors and his favorite group, SWV, was also the subject of derision. Jacob walked the streets looking for a payphone to use and was stymied to learn that even migrant workers had cell phones in this modern era. It was similar to a movie he once saw starring Brendan Fraser where he was a person who was from a separate time period and then had to adjust, wait, what was that movie? Blast from the Past? Encino Man? George of the Jungle? Dudley Do Right? No. CRASH. That was the movie Jacob was thinking of. It would take some time to stop relying on the screeching of modems but he quickly was apprized that people listened to those sounds recreationally and it was apparently called SKRILLEX.

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