Fantome La Pietrain Saison, Musky Lil Pigs and Ghosts

GHOST PIG. Haunting public libraries near you.

Fantôme La Piétrain, Saison, 8% abv

A: Alright, lets get into the Fantome mindset for this one, bright, murky, funky, and beautiful like David Lynch films. It isn’t quite as bright as the usual Marcellus Wallace briefcase endeavors, but it is far from amber. Lots of carbonation, capped and corked for double dealing double sealing power. Soy style.

Am I dreaming? Or is this beer for reals?

S: This is amazing and I love this Belgian ghost for this in particular. It’s like a wet animal locker room of funky damp carpet and filth, but in a refreshing way. It has musk, drizzled leather satchel, and a tart Sweettarts finish. It’s like Ice Cube and Yoyo, gangster as fuck.

T: This has a nice tartness at the outset that fades into a mellow honey note with a solid wheat backbone, you get a glimpse of a standard saison and then the musk pushes you out the exit with an acidic souvenir. Strange theme park, but I am down with this pig ghost.

If you were wondering who is the last person in the world who would drink this beer, your answer is pictured above. Oldface guidos.

M: This has a foamy expansive character the stretches its legs immediately with a foamy character. The coating isn’t too crazy, but it finishes with a great dryness that hits the gumline like a middleweight boxer imparting some nice funky hay aftertaste. Yeah, I eat hay, go for that low hanging punchline. Go for it, oh you have jokes? We will wait.

D: This is very drinkable and I merked the entire bottle like the cops just rolled up on my Belgian dice game. I can’t believe that they taking belgian Warren’s wealth. I would like another but oh 1) only sold in Belgium 2) only made once 3) no fucking clue where to find this again. Story of my life, a series of one night keg stands. Ho hum.

Fantome beers are always a fleeting one night stand for my palate.

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