Workin on some hot new fingerbanging jokes SANS CULOTTES.

It’s funny that people usually mouthhugs to Michael Jackson’s acclaimed Biere de garde when most modern beer de grades are so divergent from this iteration.

Fantastic caramel Belgian blonde aspects interplay with mild saison pear and lemon musk. A classic, an example of the moving target that is the current state of American vs north French interpretations of a style.



Prairie Puncheon: drinking saisons and solving Layton puzzles up in this bitch


A fucking 88 on BA. Lol.

Crushable, slightly off putting mineral aspect, but fantastic white grape and moscato merging with nectarine in the finish. Dry mouthfeel but nice biscuit chewiness to the middle. Awesome beer albeit a bit steep at $13.00 for the 500ml.

That farmhouse swagger doe. Shout out to uncle Luke. Shout out to OK crew.


@tiredhandsbeer Finally ordering from the Adult Menu, he think he grown.


Not the prettiest Mormon in the tabernacle choir, but lots of personality,

Hoppy citrus meets grassiness with a creamy mouthfeel that washed away clean albeit a bit resinous. The carb is wispy and lacking but I suspect the growler gasket might be the culprit for what would assuredly be an incredible experience fresh off the tap. This leans towards an incredibly hoppy Biere de pays or a table beer, perfect after a hard day of working those hands tilling in the Daredorm.