Bruery Marron Acidifie, This Sour Will Give You Acidife Reflux, But in a Tight GI WAY

Here’s another oversight from days past. This was an incredible sour that I just assumed would be everywhere, always, forever so I didn’t buy enough and here we are, I am ruminating on beer’s loves past and there’s a Who’s The Boss marathon on. It’s not rock bottom, but it is google mapped on the way.

Stupid sours getting in the way of my cutty Corona pics.

Marron Acidifie – Sour Brown Ale – The Bruery 8.5% abv

A: Deep brown with a ruby hint at the edges, mild carbonation with soft bubbles, just look up there, god damnit, how much can I hand hold you through this process?

This beer is dark, but inviting. But with the hidden alcohol, you know a dark surprise awaits.

S: There is a crisp vinegar/acetic note and the cherry notes start giving your olfactory senses the business, with tart sweetness lingering. You get an imperial grenadine aspect to this dangerous beer.

T: Supremely refreshing bite at the outset which sets into a tart bitterness and cherry tastes that mellow out after swallowing. Great cleanse and finish to the palate, like biting into a crisp sour red apple, if such a thing even exists. It tastes like the sweet blood of a sour patch child.


M: Thin but unpredictable, this beer doesn’t coat that well but it doesn’t need to, it is too busy avoiding your phone calls after it wrecked your hotel room. The light body with big bite makes this incredibly unbalanced but ridiculously delicious. Give this to someone who “isn’t a beer person” and watch as their conceptions fall to pieces after you forcefully drag them out of Plato’s cave and show them the sour side of life.

D: Absolutely fantastic. Give me this while I am chopping wood, making beef jerky, or snowmobiling and it will be right at home doing MAN STUFF. Alternatively, it is refined enough that you can serve it at the foreign delegate convention and there will not be a dry monocle in the house. All day, every day, I want more please.

It is not only delicious but it holds an endearing quality that you will not forget. No it is not "retarded" like this highhanded comedy above.

Narrative: OH GREAT JUST MY LUCK, THE ONLY JOB INTERVIEW I CAN LAND AND HE’S HERE. It wasn’t the first time that your life dreams had been stifled by Reuben “Ruby” Tartstein. From the spelling bee where he cooly not only spelled every word but gave the entymology as well, to the senior prom where he won both king and queen with his androgynous air. I CAN NEVER SEEM TO SHAKE THIS POISED BASTARD, AND WHO WEARS AN AMBER SUIT TO A JOB INTERVIEW. It seems like this guy can pull anything off, charities, lumberjack competitions, fencing; he does it all. No matter how badly he abuses you, you know he means well and it is just the mark of an eccentric genius. “And it became quite evident why they call it KEYnsian economics at THAT POINT!” The receptionst burst into laughter at his high handed jokes. You cannot compete with this man, but you love him just the same.

One thought on “Bruery Marron Acidifie, This Sour Will Give You Acidife Reflux, But in a Tight GI WAY

  1. This beer is so awesome, but I think I’ve made the same mistake about assuming it would be available later. I’ve got one more store to check, but hopefully they’ll just brew it again sometime. Also, I’m not one for beer and food pairings, but a bottle of this and some dark chocolate go together amazingly well.

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