Two Brothers, Askew, Sour/American Wild Ale

Those Brothers, A bit Askew

Askew, Two Brothers Sour, As Bitter as Jaleel White when Family Matters was cancelled.

A: hazy orange with murky carbonation bright yellowing at the edges ample lacing. I could use some more victorian lacing to sip on with Mrs. Dalloway but, to each his own.

S: lots of wine acidity and funk with tart white grape and sour apple some melted sour patch kids cherry smell, its like a 28 year old mom, drunk, seeing CARS 2, with her 10 year old kid. Happens far too often.

T: huge dry tartness that overrides all fruit notes with a bitter souring probably one of the sourest wilds that I have had some cherry and grapefruit notes emerge but the huge acidity and Pickering profile dominates. Imagine a highbrow Bolivian who was a viticulturist in the old country and now, works at Arby’s.

M very thin with minimal coating or lacing huge drying effect but a solid middle body it gets better when it warms up the tartness is more mellow it feels like it needs to be aged for a year or two to mellow out the acerbic aggression. You want to believe all those 2am emails that it will change, but you know the truth.

D: very drinkable surprisingly given it’s hostile initial stance I wish that this were more accessible it’s a great take on the sour and pushes the tart fruits to the limits. My sour hole is all expanded.

Narrative: Mr. Billingsly watched the teenagers file into his classroom lazily, each swinging their Geometry books without regard. “Look at them, each one of them no respect for Euclidian postulates, just going through the damn motions.” He stared down his brow and tapped his fingers disapprovingly and waited for them to take their seats. Things weren’t the same for Old Mr. Billingsley since his brother died. It was his roommate, his best friend, and his basic grasp on common courtesy. “Come on now, this is 3rd period, not the entire afternoon, let’s have a SEAT!” The adolescents shifted nervously in their seats and watched him draw a circle on the board. His sour disposition eyed them with scorn “THIS, is circle, but it is not a PERFECT CIRCLE, that doesn’t EXIST!” One student coughed, “OH what’s that? You have an objection to my statement?” “No Mr. Billingsly, I just…you…I mean” Mr. B’s face developed into a tart scowl, his teeth slightly ground upon one another, “THERE IS NO PERFECT CIRCLE” This would be a long sour year of Geometry.

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