Them murky berries, 2009 blabby push me to the edge all my lambics are dead ๐Ÿ’€ย 

2009 was that year when all these nit picking no pussy gettin hater bloggers complained about the two batches of Blab and b1 was allegedly the “good” batch. This is b1 and while compelling, everyone who exists in a post-blab orbit knows that this beer is for trading away and not opening when St Lam is better anyway. 

Irregardlessly this is still holding up nicely and edging into old age gracefully.  Dry with steadily increasing acidity and a lip smacking almost brackish finish. Kinda wish I could have had 1oz of this out of a filthy taster glass in an Illinois back yard for a more authentic Blabaer experience.

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