@moderntimesbeer red wine barrel aged funky Lomaland, the best saison MT makes…so far

Red wine barrel aged funky lomaland 

Modem tones brewery

Red wine barrel aged Brett saison 6% abv

Man this beer on paper had me all musking, farmhouse doors gaping so hard. 3 per person, $25 dollars, that stellar funky lomaland base and then FUCKINN BARBELL AGED!? Well, taper your expectations, but don’t lower them.

Yes it is admittedly beautiful. The carb is intense and this will gush like a sassy homosexual friend in a 90s romcom. The Label says that this has a SRM of 16 with deep red Robey tones. Lol psyche. No Robey, all modem.

The smell is crisp and floral, hibiscus, musky Brett c, wet bike seat, lemon and damp newspaper. It is really refreshing and doesn’t go for the bottom shelf acidity, phoning shit in with heavy lacto reliance like so many “saisons” these days.

Errybody tryna be a saison cock.

It is the taste that gets a touch more generic and it reminds me of so many of the yawny prairie normal offerings, regular logsdon seizoen Bretta, and a touch of Darbyste. None of the foregoing is bad by any stretch but if you want red wine tannins and MALBEC skins and an oaky explosion, slow your roll big homie. There’s a bready sourdough, wheatgrass, pink peppercorn and an herbal closer and it all is crushable and works so well….if it were a regular offering. That barrel aged promise makes this seem more on par with like Puncheon if you nomsayin.

Again this is refreshing and a drillable nine syllable but I can’t fully endorse a $25 brewery limited yaddayadda of this quality when Basic ass oaked Bretta is sitting on the shelf not giving a fuck for 4 dollars less, with no limit like a gold tank. This is Objectively tasty, but relative to ease of acquisition, flawed.

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