@perennialbeer Perennial Savant Blanc, well it seems we got a new white devil once it goes up your fucking nose


Let’s get one thing straight at first stroke , side project blanc du blancs was god damn amazing. So naturally I see this and I gets to thinking “awesome bigger format, surely this will be on par with-nonononono”

I don’t mean to say that this beer is bad or even mediocre. It is tasty enough, sure. But it feels like when Mitsubishi releases an Evo with a rev limiter and lower boost and tries to make you feel like it’s some new cool shit. I feel like they are holding back their star punch,

The look is pretty appealing, apricot juice, like a blonde with lower carb or a tripel with more foam ( ie some,) The nose is sadly the worst part of this beer and exhibits a sweet candy corn and circus peanuts aspect that makes you think that the white wine and oak is taking a back seat like an aristocrat in an 18th century surrey.

Thankfully, the taste is so damn good you don’t even remember old Granny Smith apples and sav blanc on the olfactory. The taste shines like poised temptation but adds a layer of pineapple and less of the wine barrel presence of white wine oak. The base beer has been completely overtaken by the drying Sahara vagina that is the mouthfeel. It is tart and crisp and will set an Outlook reminder for you to eat the inside of your cheeks. This bad bitch is as dry as Melissa Ethridge watching Meet Joe Black.

If you can’t afford the luxurious ass blanc du blancs and you need a close approximation, there’s this. It’s still nice, but when you roll up in that v6 mustang, people nod knowingly and compliment the automatic transmission.

They are capable of more face melting and side project knows it.


Good but swinging only jabs when perennial has lactic hay makers at bay.

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BREAKING NEWS: DDB receives glowing review from prestigious beer blog, DrinkDrank.

Big week of recognition for DDB, we recently received a glowing appraisal from DrinkDrank!

The author gushes:
“But there’s a downside to that. With the good comes the bad. Scruples, courtesy, ethics, and journalistic integrity often go out the window on the internet. Posts like thisweasel their way in. They are not even opinion. They are just myopic rants—rudeness in the name of beer. Totally and utterly un-constructive.
And yet, they are still both beer writing—one good, and one very, very bad—but beer writing all the same.”
It’s like that crisp mountain air from reaching the summit after hours of entrenched struggling to stand upon the apex and take in the sheer majesty and unobstructed views that is recognition from DrinkDrank.

@thebruery mash and coconut is delicious. Like smashing mounds bars on the floor of a Chinese donut shop while drinking Weller.


Inb4 witless Chinese donut shop apologist.

But on the real, it’s an absolute shame they didn’t bottle this because it grinds sick caramel rails, fakie no look toffee bar backside flip, and darkslides into this mind blowing almond joy finish.

If you like twisted glaze bars, btac bourbon, and having cyber sex: you will like this beer. It leaves you lingering on each incoming sensation, full sticky completion.



Black Tuesday is that day where all the 2013 trade experts take a break from offering up off-shelf beers for Black Tuesday and instead ask for someone to proxy for them for free.

It’s magical, like the changing of the leaves, or when a Filipino child first discovers smoking.

Go to the trade boards and drink in the majesty that is seeing that guy who previously was telling you the value of beers he has never owned or tasted, now needing an immediate favor.