God damn @smogcitybeer Steamfunk is hot like summer. 

I was expecting some low rent Dorothy shit, and this went over and above, God damn so tasty. This feels more like a mosaic dry hopped saison over some kind of an ipa. 

It is bone dry, crackly, crisp like a Bartlett pear, and a long herbal finish. The nose is all cut mango and raked pine needles.

The carb is ridiculously excessive to the point of being fucking annoying, but I guess it’s better than the inverse.

If you have had noble King, you know pretty much exactly what this is like: sticky icky ooweeee



1990 Old Grand Dad, geriatrics and 25 year-olds on fleek

Oh shit some 90s throwback dusters, fire up the Street Sharks marathon and grab my TMNT sewer playset.

Lol yeah right what spoiled shit head kid had that $80 toy?

This is the old school, even older grand dad clocking in at 84 proof, straight AARP bottled in bond with liver spots. That’s Basil Hayden on the label, Jim Beam shit in the glass. Those same crazy assholes shelling out a ton of money for 1980s airline 50ml bottles now are dropping stacks on 90s 200ml side hustles. So you can expect the current 114 bottles to start disappearing like how Elmer T Lee is getting scooped up left and right these days.

The high rye content reminds me of small batch four roses, that crackly cinnamon pop rocks, nutmeg, and carmelized Orange peel. It is intensely easy to drink, and not fusel at all. The 1990 might be a special batch, but this tastes pretty similar to the recent stuff to me, a bit smoother and more mellow but that’s the reason no one should trust any of my reviews.

I don’t know what the hell I am talking about. Brb bidding on vintage Thundercats action figures on eBay.


Framboos at Pok Pok? Aight. Pass the Khao Phat Muu Homie.

 Thai restaurant whaling sesh continues intermittently.  
2014 got that Boo Urns mouthfeel. Ocean Spray flatness with tannic tartness in lieu of jammy goodness. I love that myopic dipshits complain about Blabaer 2013 but trub their Anchor Blue cargo shorts over this.

I guess if you never ticked the prior Boos, bought this at a store, and had the self fulfilling rater mentality you would go apeshit over this. Still tasty sure, but far short of the old 2011 era.

As a side note, I love when a Boos is FT and invariably some level capped cicerone goes “JUST CURIOUS IS THIS THE 1999 vintage??!”

Like yeah bruh, he is trading a 99 boos for GI variants. Ur the most knowledge.