Kern River Hop Nookie: 11% abv triple citra. Better than this batch of citra, God damn.

This is absurd for an 11% abv beer, the west coast Ephraim has arrived with fists full of lemon, grapefruit, zested pith, and toasted citrus garnish. The alcohol is invisible and drinks like a thin and clean Ryu tossing those Ninja Gaiden shurikens at birds.

If they bottles this then God damn.


Goose Island Rare Bottles are about to be the Subprime Mortgage Crisis of the Beer World

Rare holders right now be like-


If you have had the misfortune to stumble into beer trade forums recently there is a staunchly divided contingency of beer nerds, beset in two camps.  The first consists of the dudes who went to Rare Day and are attempting to loot any and all dinnerware from the sinking Titanic before tens of thousands of bottles hit nationwide distro.  You will be able to spot these dudes a mile away because they will argue things like “well trade value is based on QUALITY AND TASTE” or “even if 60,000 bottles are released, uh, well that’s like, you can’t really say that’s all that many…really…because uhm…demand…” These dudes are riding the crest of a profiteering wave attempting to land Blauw and Armand Seasons before shit crashes in a salty barrel. Take a shot once they reference the quality of the entirely unrelated bottles of 2010 Rare, you’ll be wasted quick enough.

The equally ridiculous demographic on the opposing side consists of pangloss guys who assume that these $60 bottles will show up in their local Walgreens, gathering dust for years to come.  These are the guys who have ever expanding speculative quotes about how many bottles are going to be released.  It should be well in the six figures by the time DDB posts this. You can spot them a mile away offering like HUNA+ or some Trickery-tier ticks, fully prepared for some Sharks vs. Jets scrap.

The best part about all of these RareCiceroNies is that the vast majority of them can’t identify why the barrel treatment matters in any meaningful way.  Sure, explain to me why you prefer 35 year age stated bourbon.  Tell me all the various single cask three decade old bourbons that you have tried, I will wait.  When Pugachev 25 year came out, every one of them was still having sex with lukewarm melons and complaining about HEAT, but wait 35 year barrels? PASS THAT RARE.  I mean, sure, the bourbon was never released to retail but PUTTING BEER IN THOSE BARRELS MUST BE INCREDIBLE BECAUSE MOAR YEARS.

It is hard to know who to root for, since both have wildly skewed perceptions of value and will only degrade the beer culture by waiting in 8 hour lines for things they have no intention of opening.  It’s like when your alcoholic stepdad shows up to fight the racist school bully: can’t both of them just get knocked the fuck out concurrently? I can only hope for a Battle of the Marne result where both sides wear one another down to a nub and there is no winner by decision.

They would need to make significant advances in microspectronomy to detect the fucks I give about the actions of these rapacious hucksters at this point. If anyone needs me I will be opening a Saison Dupont and turning my rare box into a lacquered fleshlight.



Bcbs 2015, Happy Black Thursday. How much more black could this be? The answer is none.

Man, as much as I like to piss in potted plants and toss shit at my neighbors property line, this is the best bcbs vintage I have ever had. There’s really nothing else I can say about this, it has the flawless body that is never too syrupy or too watery.

This just delivers and really knocks trading for anything else in this realm seem very inefficient by contrast, Unless you have some janky blog to prop up. This will make reviewing regal and prop this year a hilarious endeavor because, how will they really improve upon this? My monocle fell in my glass, shit just feels fancier than them Chicago stockyards.


This guy who reads DDB legit makes better home brew stouts than 90% of the orcas we usually slay on here. Entering his vanilla rye clone in the forthcoming blinds Ba vanilla tasting strictly for the lulz

This is his rye whiskey barrel Huna clone made with ancho/habanero from his garden. I don’t even want to bring this up bc the last thing I need is an endless train of home brew donations, but god damn it, this is on par with the greats in that segment, couldn’t not tell an adult when something touches me like this.


Trillium/other half street green, The strain don’t look like fire but this green is loud AF

Ok so admittedly this looks like straight bottling bucket yeast cake, but God damn this hits harder than an Alpine deck with a detachable face.

Brewers get all salty when you call out their slurry as “yeasty” and instead prefer the innocuous “matter in suspension” cognomen. It has a creamy mouthfeel to the point that you wonder if this ipa has spelt or flaked oats in it. The taste is a splash of tangerine and arugula, shallot and chard. That milky coating washes clean and you can drill these with careless abandon, and they sure as fuck better be good if Brooklyn hipsters tossed on their rag and bone shirts, waxed their post-ironic moustachioes and stood in line for hours for a canned ipa.

Nyc has all the makings of a beer shitstorm locus if this persists: huge population density, trust funders; gourmands, expendable income, functionally unemployed “artists” and a lack of any noteworthy Manhattan whale factories.

Godspeed 10101