@hillfarmstead civil disobedience 10, bigger format, bigger acidity, bigger BALs


Well at this point the civil disobedience reviews feel like a flow chart:

1. Is it a god tier saison? Proceed to 2

2. Is it a weird ass wine barrel black saison like 4 and 8? If not proceed to 3

3. Is it better than cd6? Please note most inquiries end here.

Except this time, I must qualify number three with a “ehhh kinda?” Cd6 has always been my favorite, but this offering takes things in a bold new direction. Look at those copper and feldspar tones, it comes out the gate looking earthy as fuck, doing deep weighed dips with caramel malts,
Fuck maybe even caravienne who knows. It’s clear this isn’t the usual hazy radiant yellow romp, this is dry FUcking in the pumpkin patch.

The nose is ultra lactic, kumquat, dried apricot, touch of mineral alkaline in with the considerable acidity. Pretty good, not bright but not exactly spicy either, orange rind is a good go to for blunt adjectival situations like this.

The taste presents the most sour civil D to date, this is a puckering D that sucks your cheeks in. If cd6 toed the wild ale line, this cups Cory King’s coo purse and jumps right over the line. But in a god way, the way that you’d expect when you hold a brewery’s testicles. It is shocktarts and sour ropes, candied lemon rind, mandarin oranges, and closes with a bitter grapefruit pith.

It doesn’t go overboard and hurt your guts, but it lacks that creamy gentleness that lends to chain combos like Blackheart. Marvel vs Capcom…never mind. Fuck.

In sum, this is a fantastic beer and fills a niche others have been pushing the limits with, except HF just does it better in this instance. Go get it, but of you are reading this site you probably already knew all about this shit.

If you didn’t….how did you even find this site?


Unlike some albums, this will hold up great over time.


Bourbon barrel aged Kilt Lifter with cherry. Take a wee heavy and Randal it through a Shirley temple and burning hair.


Take a toasted malty caramel dream and ruin it with nightmares of an ethanol grenadine trash fire on your nutsack. The middle body is oaky and scotch forward with a peaty aquanet aspect that closes bitter with a resonant rye bread and flat iron straightener left on.

Pretty not that tight .


Oh another review where DDB complains like a bitch. Big shocker there.


Huna day 2015 announced, but how can they top the flawless 2014 event?



- no bottles
– distro will solve all the problems
– this will just be a fun, well organized draft only beer event
– Huna will still trade high despite there being thousands upon thousands distributed to stores

And all that jazz.

ISO inevitable Huna variant hand bottles, conditioned in the Tampa sun